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Children Have A New Concept of Education & Success




CHANCES Inc. focus is to work with inner city children and help them make better personal decisions. We help them strive towards academic and future professional success by reshaping the way they think and helping them to understand the importance of their education. We focus on students’ socioemotional issues and redirect their focus to something positive which will impact their future in a positive way.


CHANCES Inc. is New York based and lead by Ms. Tiffany who both have overcome many obstacles faced in the inner-city and is now focused on helping the next generation to make better life decisions. Through their efforts and school-based curriculum over the past 11 years, they have successful helped many students become Valedictorians, Salutatorians, receive Principal Honors, Most Improved and most have gone to college. Our students are currently or recently graduated from the following schools: NYU, FIT, Binghamton University, Albany University, Rutgers University, Delaware State, Boston University, Howard University, Winston-Salem University, Clark Atlanta, Morehouse, Morgan State, Michigan State, Temple University just to name a few and some are just starting their careers as RNs, Physical Therapist, Celebrity Hair Stylist, Chefs, Entrepreneurs Clothing Designers and list goes on. Their work has awarded them an NAACP award for community services and they continue to strive growing this curriculum into more schools in hope of having other students succeed.



WHY Partner with CHANCES Inc.?

It takes a village to raise our students and schools need the right support to help execute school’s performance goals. Student’s academics, behavior and attendance is a huge component of school’s succession and we have a proven track record of keep schools open which were in jeopardy of closing by our support.

WHAT is different about what you do verses what we already offer in the school?

Our workshop focuses on gaining student’s trust in a nontraditional manner, really tapping into the socioemotional of a student and issue they may face and providing them sound advice on how to overcome things they may not feel comfortable opening up to school officials about. Our services for them to reach us is 24/7 when they feel they need someone to talk to urgently even after school hours.

WHAT age group do you recommend working with?

We recommend 7th grade and up, however we have worked with 6th graders. Reason is, through our statistics Middle School is probably the most difficult sectors of students most school’s encounter. So, we enjoy working with this grade and up to help reshape their mindsets, their outlook on life and goals.

Do we work with parents too?

Yes, we do. We take the time to build relationships with parents to get a complete outlook on home structure and resources we can offer to help change economics. Parents are a part of helping students achieve It does not just fall on school. We become a student advocate, parent advocate and school advocate all in one to bridge the missing links which hinders students’ success. We provide outside resources in the community if necessary



  • Program runs Oct - May

  • The curriculum is tailored made towards school’s/student’s needs.

  • School is responsible for assigning students for program

  • We work with school to select day(s) and time(s) to meet with students weekly for group sessions

  • We customized individual academic and personal goal plans.

  • We conduct pre and post assessment from student’s progress reports.

  • We work with school officials and parents to help bridge the communication gap and provide parent support to help support student at home.  



We provide one day speaking engagements talking to the youth on self-love, career development, bullying, overcoming obstacles, communication, importance of education and so much more. We provide this service however we recommend the ongoing curriculum-based program because it provided consistency and ongoing support to really get more in-depth with students’ need(s) to succeed.


We offer one day interactive workshops which promotes sisterhoods/brotherhoods helping the youth to understand their value, how to apply that to better life decisions,


If you are interested in having CHANCES INC. at your school, please contact us at: Email: or call 347-331-6943.

Here’s a link below so you can view our DOPE GIRL MADE WORKSHOP

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