Frequently asked questions

Are your products made from natural ingredients?

Yes, all products are natural ingredients. You can view ingredients list on all products at www.swearnyc.com and click on ingredient link

Which products will make my hair growth?

Our Hair Stimulating Growth Set of 7 is incredible to promote hair growth. If you are having hair problems and are suffering from hair disorder conditions please seek professional hair consultation from a dermatologist. However, our products have helped many clients who suffer from psorasis, dry scalp, alopecia and dandruff pile up.

Can children use SWEAR NYC hair care products?

Absolutely, You can use every product on your child's hair. Parents love the Hair Moisture Deep Treatment & Nourishing Colada Care Detangler Spray to help minimize hair tangles eliminating tough hair care days.

What type of hair can SWEAR NYC products be used on?

Our products works perfect fro natural hair, processed hair, colored hair, bundles, wigs etc... Take the hair quiz to determine the right hair care products for you.

How do I become a SWEAR NYC Distributor?

Is SWEAR NYC a Black Owned Business?

Yes it is. SWEAR NYC is owned by a Black Woman

Does SWEAR NYC do Philantrophy work?

Absolutely, we pride ourselves on our philantropy work. It is important to give back to our community, to help and shape the new generation of women and to support those who continuously support SWEAR NYC.

What Retail Stores carry SWEAR NYC Products?

We currently are not in any major retailer distributor stores and are proactively working to make it easier for consumers to purchase. Howver we are working effortlessly to partner with salons and salon owner to carry our products in their shops. You can currently find our products in EVERYTHING HAIR STUDIO in Brooklyn & Bronx, NY Follow them @everythingglamhairstudio

How can I become a Retailer Distributor for your Products?

Please email info@swearnyc.com and put Retailer Distributor Opportunity in the subject box. Please allow 24 - 48 hours for a response with our application and info.

Does SWEAR NYC offer wholesale opportunites?

Yes we do. You must be a salon owner and or licensed hair stylist in order to inquire about our whole sale opportunities. Email us at info@swearnyc.com and but Wholesale Opportunities in the subject box

How do I become a Brand Ambassador?

Email info@swearnyc.com and put Brand Ambassador Opportunities in the subject box

General questions inquiry?

You can email us at info@swearnyc.com or DM us @swear_nyc on IG